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Cyborg is a sci-fi, roguelike, survival game containing grid-based movement, turn-based combat and perma-death. 

Fly the 'Gryphon' starship into hostile space. Warp to star systems and explore a procedural generated galaxy.

Infiltrate enemy stations and bases as Cynthia, a heavily augmented cyborg killer with a personal agenda...

End a desperate, corporate war in a dystopian future.

Made for the 7DRL Challenge 2019.


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WTF!!!! Is this how cyborg started, or is this a rougue like based on the original Cyborg that you converted into a old school RL for the Jam?  Either way this is really cool man!!!

I haven't played it for long, but will give this a proper play when I get a chance.  The mechanics seem really fleshed out and deep.  Good job!

Hiya FanieG, Yeah I do have an unhealthy obsession with Cyborgs, so this is a new game made for a jam based on the old concept of mine I have attempted in numerous prototypes. LOL

Thank you for checking it out :)

No Probs man.  The mechanics of that is really deep.  How did it do in the jam?  Also, please go and check out my new prototype Micro Death Machines and let me know what you think about it.  Do you think I should continue with the idea.  It is based on the GTA2 like a was busy with before my house got robbed and my old PC stolen.  It was remade in 10 days for a Jam so it is a bit rough still, but the basic mechanics are there.

Deleted 57 days ago

Thank you kindly :)