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In a dystopian future, corporations compete for resources in an escalating dirty space race.

Their cyborg armies fight it out in far flung galaxies, distant star systems, planets & moons and inside well-defended hidden bases. The ambitions of man knows no limit as the hunt for the rarest resources is reaching its climax.

Our antihero Jakes has recently managed to find employment with one such corporation and he already has regrets.

Although a few successful missions are under his belt, a waning bank balance keeps him enslaved as a corporate servant. He is paired with a ruthless cyborg killer in an effort to meet the expectations of the powers that be.

"My Life has become routine. Travelling to distant star systems, but never leaving the confines of this starship. The Griffin... but she can. Her name is Cynthia. My cybernetic colleague. We are a team, in the loosest sense of the word.

I track her movement on the monitor, zooming the remote drone-cam in for a closer look. Her blue hair parts briefly and reveals a cold, emotionless stare.
Damn. There's that delay again. I punch the console to see if the fault is local.
Lately it's almost as if she can sense her actions are not her own, but that is not possible... An encrypted signal is sent vast distances directly to receptors in her brain. Controlling her every action. Here from this safe, remote command center. This orbiting starship...Me."

Embark on hazardous missions in a procedural generated galaxy. Star systems, bases, derelict structures and starships await exploration.

What awaits you in this dark adventure as you traverse a hostile galaxy to unravel its secrets?

WIP: Large scope, long-term active project.

Published Mar 09, 2017