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"Congratulations Commander, you are finally in charge of your own fireteam of our finest space marines.

Your mission awaits. Take the initiative against overwhelming odds.
Will you cluster your team together for superior firepower or spread them out to have greater visibility of the battlefield?
Each marine is unique. Utilise them wisely.
Under your command the fireteam will achieve glorious victory, or perish miserably.

Remember, we are watching..."

[end of transmission]


  • Medic (Red) has a healing ability
  • Engineer (Yellow) recharges energy of nearby marines
  • Comms officer (Green) is the eyes and has a radar module
  • Assault (Blue) has a stasis field that slows enemies

You can contribute, make a mission using this kit! All you need is the Tiled editor.

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Published38 days ago
Tags2D, Aliens, Dark


Fireteam-PC-v1.04.zip (22 MB)

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