Update v0.02g

Change Log:

-Add new mechanic: Dead Aim (holding the cursor still and not moving the player character will reward player patience with an aimed shot. Cursor indicates dead aim precision. 

-Melee combat improvement (Melee weapons now deal damage in direction of cursor when enemy in range. Previously if cursor was out of range, but enemy not, no damage was applied). Testing melee range with whip (longer) and knife (shorter). 

-Basic blood pool particle for bodies.


ENTER-v0.02g.zip 67 MB
Dec 30, 2018



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Tyler's got the panties. +2 to charisma! ...more then +1 from brazzier =O

subsequently gave Tyler the AK and all the ammo.. zombies down! Love it!

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@Moga, Sounds like I'll need to make it harder. You've got the win items already... :D Thanks for playing.